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How do you pick leather boots online?

At Zoshi & Co, we have a wide collection of leather boots for women. You can choose anyone you like from our online collection for the added height. As an easy selection tip, we like to suggest you choose the leather boots that hug your ankle and stop, either in the middle of the ankle or above an inch. For the regular look, you can avoid over slouch and calk length boots. Even those come with over straps or square toe.

Can you wear your leather boots every day?

Want to Shop Leather Boots for Women in Australia? Then please remember leather boots especially need time to air out. Therefore you should provide them an ample time of 24 hours between the wears. But in this case, if you don't let your shoes a day to air out the sweat-soaked leather will wrap and it will start losing its shape. Not to mention that you will start experiencing the smell and musty appearance of boots.